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Name: Orga
First Appearance: Godzilla 2000
Species: Mutated alien clone of Godzilla
Height: 60 meters
Length: 75 meters
Weight: 40,000 tons

Battled with Godzilla
Almost consumed Godzilla to become a clone of him

-Staggered back Godzilla with an uppercut to the chin
-Leaped over several city blocks in a single bound
-As already mentioned, made a big leap over several city blocks
-Otherwise, is very slow and lumbering
-Could not be harmed by Godzilla’s teeth and claws
-Survived several shots of Godzilla’s Atomic Ray
--G2K’s ray blasted through several thousand tons of stone and burned the material composing the UFO, which is durable enough to survive atmospheric reentry unscathed
-Walked out of a blazing explosion created by Godzilla’s Atomic Ray



Shoulder Cannon
-Can fire a beam of concussive energy from the hole in his left shoulder, similar to what the UFO can do
-Strong enough to blast the 25,000 ton Godzilla back several hundred meters and temporarily stun him


-Shares a telepathic link with his UFO
-Through this, he can control the UFO in a tactical manner


-Acquired thanks to Godzilla’s cells
-Within several seconds, regenerated from getting large chunks of his flesh blasted out by Godzilla’s Atomic Ray
-Could not regenerate his shoulder cannon after it was destroyed, showing his regen is not as perfect as Godzilla’s


DNA Assimilation
-Can assimilate the genetic code of other living beings, acquiring their traits and presumably their powers
-Needs to absorb mass quantities of energy in order to keep any traits he gains
-Could put most enemies at a serious disadvantage, due to growing weaker while Orga would grow stronger as long as he made contact


Extraordinary Jumper
-Can jump 100 meters high and for a total distance of 300 meters


Protrusible Mouth
-Can greatly increase the size of his mouth
-Can unfold hidden inner flaps that aid in increasing his mouth’s size
--These flaps also have feelers that help pull victims down Orga’s throat
-Used this to try and swallow Godzilla in order to become a clone of him


Millennian UFO
-The spaceship that Orga originally lived in before becoming who he is
-Can navigate the skies and outer space via a form of magnetism
-Can fly at high speeds
-Durable enough to survive a blow from Godzilla’s tail, atmospheric reentry, and Godzilla’s Atomic Ray
-Unleashed powerful energy pulses that can destroy aircraft, scorch skyscrapers, and temporarily subdue Godzilla
-Strong enough to send a skyscraper crashing down on Godzilla, and knock the kaiju off his feet
-With its invisible tentacles, effortlessly hacked the humans’ supercomputers, intuitively learned their language in seconds, skimmed through centuries of human history in the blink of an eye, and manipulated the grid of an entire prefecture


-Could control underground steel cables and bring them together to create tentacle-like ropes to restrain, pull down, and drag around Godzilla
-Was able to fly even after getting half of its body destroyed by Godzilla’s Atomic Ray
-Possesses a side cannon that can fire a kinetic beam strong enough to blast a sea-dwelling Godzilla out of the water and onto dry land, temporarily incapacitating him


-Slow and sluggish
-Needs to absorb a large amount of DNA in order to keep any new traits he gains
-Regeneration is not perfect
--Couldn’t regain his shoulder cannon after it was destroyed by Godzilla

And now a bio for one of my favorite kaiju.

If you want to use this bio, please ask me and credit me for it.
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