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Name: Bakan, Demon Beast Bakan, Totem Bagan
Intended Appearance: Resurrection of Godzilla
Species: Chimera-like Shapeshifting Kaiju
Height: Unknown, likely around 80 meters tall
Weight: Unknown, likely around 50,000 tons

Would battle the likes of Godzilla
Gained a temporary win over the aforementioned kaiju
Fought the military’s best weapons

-Could wrestle with Godzilla
-Could chuck large boulders with enough force to take down Godzilla
-Tore his way free from beneath the rubble of a mountain
-Comparable, if not superior, to fighter jets, which can fly at Mach 2.35
-Presumably quicker on his feet than Godzilla
-Could survive attacks from Godzilla
-Survived a mountain collapsing down on top of him
-Could survive numerous shots of Godzilla’s Atomic Ray, which yields a temperature of 500,000 degrees Celsius, or 900,032 degrees Fahrenheit
-Survived numerous military assaults, including Super Napalm attacks from the Flying Angels
-Required Godzilla becoming revitalized by a power plant in order for the aforementioned kaiju to kill him

-Everytime he changes form, he regenerates back to full health
-Regenerated from getting an arm blown off


-Can turn into 3 forms, each one depending on his surrounding elements
-Transforms into the following
--Monkey God Beast
---Excels at melee combat
---Quick on his feet
---Resembles a cross between a Tyrannosaurus and a Pithecanthropus
---Can shoot a flame attack from his mouth strong enough to push back Godzilla
---Extraordinary jumper
----Presumably can make large leaps similar to what kaiju like Baragon and Zilla can achieve
--Water God Beast
---Over 60 meters long
---Resembles a sea dragon with slimy green skin and hands with fish-like fins for swimming
---Used in water-based combat
---Can fire a liquid beam that can melt practically anything
----Melted Godzilla’s flesh with ease
----Melted through the mechanical arms of the Giant Bus, which could hold a Trident submarine of 200,000 horsepower and restrained Godzilla’s limbs with ease
--Dragon God Beast
---Draconic form resembling a pterosaur
---Used for aerial combat
---Could fire a lightning beam from his mouth


Demon Beast Bakan
-The result of merging all three of his forms into one
-Used as a last-resort
-Becomes significantly more powerful
-Can no longer change forms when in this state, and thus cannot heal himself

-Regeneration only comes into play if he shapeshifts
-Can’t transform once in his merged form
-His transformations are reliant on his surrounding environment
--He can only use his Monkey God form if on land, his Water God form if in the water, and his Dragon God form if in the air

And now for the original concept for Bagan.

The first pic is concept art of Bakan, but the latter two are fanart:……

If you want to use this bio, please ask me and credit me for it.
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